At sunrise

At sunrise

At sunrise

(Русский) Зима в Копенгагене
Пасхальный этюд
(Русский) Мой волшебный сад

Designed by Ekaterina Gafenko

The picture painted by Tatyana Alexandrova (

Stitch count 110 (w) x 70 (h)

Design area on 16-count fabric 21х13 сm (8х5 in)


  • Zweigart white 27-count linda, 35х30 сm (14х12 in);
  • stranded cotton;
  • size 24 tapestry needle;
  • stitch types: cross stitch, half cross stitch and backstitch








This project is published  in issue “Все о рукоделии” № 6 (51) 2017. To buy, visit  or write us letter (